Edwardian Refurbishment

Edwardian Refurbishment

Our Designers worked on the complete restyling and joinery design of a West Hobart Edwardian home. Complete with a modern extension.

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The brief was to create a sophisticated feel, yet also introduce bold colour highlights and quirkiness in a controlled manner.
The project included the selection of all new furniture and it’s placement as well as the curation of all accompanying accessories and soft furnishings. Tying together and amplifying this new look was the careful curating of artwork for each room, capitalising on our sister art gallery business (@pb_designgallery).
Ultimately, our team was able to embrace the existing Edwardian architecture and existing internal features. While successfully introducing a new more modern colour palette, patterns, and textures in a holistic manner.
The end result is a beautiful balance and harmony between old and new throughout the home.