Federation Renovation

Federation Renovation and Extension

Our brief was to create the ‘Tardis’ effect, where the exterior gives away very few clues as to what beholds inside – both in regards to volume and quality. This effect had to be achieved within heritage guidelines and a strict budget.

The aim was to seamlessly extend the house down and out, increasing its living areas from 120 square metres to 180 square metres and a further 120 square metres of deck and workshop/storage/gym, all to be achieved with little impact on streetscape.

The home had to fulfill its criteria to be an outlet for our individual and combined creative juices, so the plan was conceived to create a series of individual yet judiciously linked whimsical spaces that encouraged family interaction yet still provided options for privacy and seclusion.

The design and process also had to foster a sense of ownership for two young children and to encourage exploration and discovering within the confines of the house.


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