New Blended with Old

New Blended with Old

This elegant monochrome and stream-lined kitchen was build into an extension and refurbishment of an early 1900’s federation home.

The transition between old and new needed to be seamless. Even though the new spaces were light, fresh and modern, allowances needed to be made for the clients beautiful collection of antiques that were to reside in and alongside their new surroundings and the other pieces of modern furniture.

The kitchen and pantry runs along a whole wall with an island bench sitting parallel. The cupboard colour was kept the same as the wall colour purposely for its stream-lined and timeless qualities. Accents of the same neutral colour are picked up in the waterfall edged island bench top and the rear bench top; this again is seen in the toughened glass splash back. Minimal cupboards were used and instead pull-out draws that allow maximum utility and storage filled their place.

Over-head cupboards have finger grips instead of handles, following the simplicity and stream lined principle. Again the exhaust fan hides within the cupboard space so as to not to interrupt the clean lines.

The outcome is a timeless, elegant and functional kitchen that sits beautifully on its own, but more importantly sits beautifully in between the old and the new.


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