The house consists of two smaller bedrooms and one master bedroom. The smaller bedrooms are themed separately, one with a Butterfly theme and the other themed to imagery of Paris.

Master Bedroom:

Space again was an issue when asked to refurbish this bedroom. As the house had no built-in robes a wardrobe was required. To achieve this, the room’s original fireplace was removed. A false wall then erected to give this room the space for a walk-in robe.

Solving one problem however created another; now the main bedroom was too small.

The Solution:
The feature wall was painted black with upholstered black panels forming the bed head.  Black was used for the illusion of recession of that wall. Fine lined mirrored bed-side tables sit against mirrored wall panels to further create an illusion of space and openness. Again mirror is used on an opposing wall for its reflective qualities. All the other walls are lighter in colour with the tone of the window furnishings set to match those of the walls.

This has transformed the room into a sumptuous and elegant bedroom now with plenty of hanging space.

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