The Office

Making use of available space in your home when space is tight can be tricky. This office is a great example of ‘use of space’ and creative thinking.

The requirement for this room was to have an office whilst still being able to use the homes only spare bedroom for guests. Also as renovations are imminent, whatever was to be done had to be a temporary measure.

The solution in the end was simple. Fine-lined bookcases with glass shelving were used with transparent acrylic sheets secured to the back of the shelves. Now the room has a definite division between office and sitting/guest room. The bookcase and acrylic sheets screen the office and house books, while offering some privacy. The transparency of the acrylic still allows light to pass through giving the room more light and an illusion of space. The coffee table is glass again to allude to more space. The lounge doubles as a pull-out bed.

All criteria of the brief were met and even better will only take a short amount of time to remove.

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