Custom Joinery

Create a truly unique and visually appealing statement in your home

Whether you’re looking to create your dream kitchen or bathroom or perhaps looking to solve a space constraint issue we can deliver. For both projects large and small.

Custom joinery represents a great opportunity to raise the quality of your next project both visually and in the quality of construction. When combined with a holistic interior design vision it creates a significantly more cohesive presentation that is sure to impress.

At P1 Design, custom joinery has been a staple feature of many interior design projects for over a decade. This means that when you choose us to start your custom joinery project you can be confident in our track record of outstanding, often award-winning custom joinery.

Interested in learning more?

Learn about our design process and the next step to working with us on your Airbnb project.

We have created a simple process to make the design of your next custom projects a stress-free and efficient experience, with careful attention to ensuring that ample time is given to understanding your requirements and tastes, and seeking your feedback at each stage of the project.