Furniture Sourcing & Buying

We can source high quality off the self & custom pieces for your home.

Helping you make a unique statement in your home without comprising comfort.

Custom Furniture 

We’ll work with you to identify your tastes and source the perfect pieces that compliment your existing pieces. If we cannot find the right design, we can source custom pieces to create truly unique pieces.

Furniture Layout

Once furniture has been selected, we’ll help in the layout of pieces to create not just a perfect look and finish, but also a functional layout that provides the highest level of comfort and liability without compromising your home’s look.

Interested in learning more?

Learn about our design process and the next step to working with us on your kitchen design needs.

We have created a simple process to make sourcing furniture for your next interior design project a stress-free and efficient experience, with careful attention to ensuring that ample time is given to understanding your requirements and tastes.