Edwardian Makeover

Edwardian Makeover

This 1935 home was bought for its potential and position but lacked functionality in general and for its new family.

The priority then was to make alterations to this home to fit the needs of its new family while making it a more functional home. There was a small problem though, that being that this home is going to receive a full make-over in the near future, and so whatever was to be done had to be done on a very tight budget. How could this be achieved and what were the main priorities?

The home was still in its original condition; hence it still had the original room format (that being small with little storage). As the family was used to open plan living this would be the first job. To achieve this, two separate living rooms would have to become one and would mean a wall and two fireplaces would have to go.

A small adjoining room off the kitchen, which was intended as a breakfast area, would also need space freeing up. This would be achieved by removing a small bathroom sharing the same space. As the bathroom was adjoining most frequently used door of the house it was appropriate that it should be moved anyway. By removing the bathroom it created an added bonus which was giving this family not only a lovely breakfast area but a new storage cupboard for school bags and coats.

Storage in general was the next problem to deal with. This was achieved by building a pantry in the laundry adjacent to the kitchen and then building wardrobes in each of the bedrooms.

To freshen up the house, the walls were painted and carpet in the lounge pulled up with the floors receiving sand and varnished floor boards. This now made it easier to accommodate this family’s belongings and furniture. Some new lighting in the living and bedrooms were also installed along with new window furnishings.

Stage 1 renovations were complete and even though grand plans are held for this property, as it stands at the present, this home has morphed into a comfortable, functional and proud family home.


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